Treehouse – Watch Videos & Unlock Badges


Ever wanted to learn how to code HTML or CSS? JavaScript? Learn how to use Photoshop? Get started with HTML5 or CSS3? Well you can learn that and a whole lot more at Treehouse! From the Treehouse website:

Our mission is to teach Web Design, Development and iOS to people everywhere, in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.

I have been a member of Treehouse since the end of February and I love it! What’s so fantastic about it is you get to unlock badges as you go along watching videos that teach you things like:

  • HTML – Lists, Objects, Text, Forms, HTML5
  • CSS – Selectors, Box Model, Page layout, CSS3 Techniques
  • Typography, Web Fonts, Photoshop
  • JavaScript, Ruby, iOS
  • …and so much more!

The unlocking of badges is really gamification on the web. Each Badge has a number of videos that you can watch, and then a quiz to complete. Once you have passed the quiz, you’ve unlocked the badge and it goes on your public profile that you can show off. There are also “Code Challenges” where you have to follow instructions to write HTML, CSS, etc. right in the browser, and unlocks a special badge for that challenge.

Treehouse also just started a referral program – if you click the banner below and join, you get 50% OFF your first month!

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If you want a preview, you can check out Treehouse on YouTube. Some videos they have aren’t just for learning, but reward videos that you get to watch after completing certain badges. One of my favourites is Meet Mike the Frog.

What’s also great about Treehouse is you can suspend your account at any time and not get billed until you re-activate it. They also have a Student membership if you email them a photo of your student ID.

I highly recommend Treehouse to anyone, from beginners to advanced. Even if you know the basics (or more) it’s still fun to unlock the badges (gamification at work!).