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Tip Tuesday: WordPress URLs in JavaScript


There are instances where you may need to use WordPress URLs in JavaScript files. However, hard-coding URLs is not an ideal solution, especially in situations where you have development and production environments. We can solve this by using the wp_localize_script() function.

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Treehouse – Watch Videos & Unlock Badges


Ever wanted to learn how to code HTML or CSS? JavaScript? Learn how to use Photoshop? Get started with HTML5 or CSS3? Well you can learn that and a whole lot more at Treehouse! From the Treehouse website:

Our mission is to teach Web Design, Development and iOS to people everywhere, in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.

I have been a member of Treehouse since the end of February and I love it! What’s so fantastic about it is you get to unlock badges as you go along watching videos that teach you things like:

  • HTML – Lists, Objects, Text, Forms, HTML5
  • CSS – Selectors, Box Model, Page layout, CSS3 Techniques
  • Typography, Web Fonts, Photoshop
  • JavaScript, Ruby, iOS
  • …and so much more!

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New look, what do you think?


Well, my website has been down for awhile as I have been working on the redesign. This is it! What do you think? There’s lots of changes with this redesign. Obviously, the overall look of it. But there’s more to it than that of course. I thought I would go through what I have done and learned through this process.

Custom theme!

My previous design was a child theme that I created off of Thematic, a theme framework. At first I liked child theming, but after learning how to create my own themes over the past few months in my directed study at VIU, I have a new love for custom theming. With creating your own theme, you have complete control over everything, and you don’t have to use CSS to hide things, or force things to be a certain way. There’s a lot less clunky stuff going on I guess you could say. You can also include or exclude certain components, such as comments.

A couple books that have helped me out with custom theming are Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog and Smashing WordPress Themes: Making WordPress Beautiful, both by Thord Daniel Hedengren. Both are great books, and I highly recommend them. There is a 2011 edition now of Beyond the Blog as well. And, I also can’t forget the help of the WordPress Codex.

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Just over two weeks left…


…until my holiday break is over. Time is whizzing by!

I had a busy but great semester. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to posting another update back in November. I would say the end of October through the beginning of December is the busiest time of the fall semester.

My major project for the fall semester was for my JavaScript class, and I worked on it together with two other students in the class. We got a lot accomplished but we’re still not done. I think partly it is because we really didn’t start working on it until near the end of October. We actually spent about 8 hours on the two “study days” between the end of classes and exams to get more work done. You can get a lot accomplished when you’re one of the few people actually in the building! We’re still able to get a grade for the class, but because the project is for the VIU Media Studies department, we are going to continue working on it outside of class time next semester to finish and launch it hopefully by the end of January or so.

Anyways, I don’t really have much else to say! I’ll try to update more next semester, but I can’t guarantee anything. 😛 I’d like to write some tutorials as well to share, but I’m not sure what I’d like to cover just yet. I may hold off on that until after next semester, but we’ll see. Something may come to me before the semester begins!

I’d also like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy 2011! 🙂

September Update!


Hey everyone!

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything on here, so I thought I would give an update for any of you who want to know what’s happening!

University started on the 8th for me and it’s been pretty good so far! I am taking four classes this semester. Three are Media Studies classes while the other is a Digital Media class. The Digital Media class is by far my favorite because it’s my JavaScript class. 😀 I worked with basic JavaScript last year, but it’s really been since Fall 2009 semester when I was really focusing on it. Spring 2010 was all about PHP, MySQL, databased, etc. and a little JavaScript. So I’m glad to be focusing on it again and I will be learning AJAX, going further into the power of JavaScript. Three other students in the class and myself have worked with JavaScript before, so though we will still be a part of the class, we are going to work as a team on a project together this semester so that we’re getting challenged enough. I’m really excited for this, and I will keep you all posted on the progress that we make.

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