Courtney Fantinato

Hello! I'm Courtney Fantinato

I’m an email developer & marketer located in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


My thoughts on web, email, and related topics.

Correcting Outlook DPI Scaling Issues

Outlook DPI scaling is one of the most common problems encountered when developing emails and supporting Outlook (alongside the 1px horizontal line issue). The severity of impact caused by DPI scaling depends on…

Background Images & Samsung Email App

Samsung is one of the most popular mobile device brands out there today, so it’s no surprise that we should support it when developing emails. It has its own native email app that comes pre-installed. This year I was able to…

Email Rendering in the Outlook App

There are many 3rd party email client apps available on iOS and Android to use. With the release of iOS 10, iOS users can even delete the default iOS Mail app, especially if they prefer using a 3rd party app (here’s looking at you, Gmail…

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