Keep Your Browser Up-To-Date!


The web, and technology in general, is changing rapidly. Shiny new technologies are emerging, updates are more frequent, and it’s a whirlwind of activity that we are all trying to keep up with.

One piece of technology that is always improving is the internet browser. Though there’s a handful to choose from – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and others – many people stick with what’s pre-loaded onto their PC or Mac, and don’t bother to look at what is just out there.

And unfortunately, overtime old browser versions become out-dated, and they are unable to support the new web technologies that are available to users today. A specific one that comes to mind is Internet Explorer 6.

A decade old, it’s time to move on.

Internet Explorer was released in 2001, and in the web world a 10 year old browser is MUCH too old to still be in use. Now, you may have an old machine and can’t upgrade to the next version of IE. Or, you may be a bit timid of change, and would rather stick with what you know. But, the newer versions are very similar in use, they’re faster, have better security, and they provide you, the web user, a much better web browsing experience!

Even Microsoft has an IE6 countdown!

Upgrade that machine!

Computers are cheaper than ever these days. You don’t have to fork over the dough for a Mac if you don’t want to. Many PCs come as cheap as a few hundred dollars, and all you need to get is one that will be the most practical and useful to you. There’s no point in paying for all the fancy extras when you’re not going to need it! And, with this brand spanking new piece of technology in your hands comes the latest version of the pre-loaded browser – most likely Internet Explorer (or Safari on a Mac).

Now, IE9 is the latest version released, and it’s only available for Windows Vista and Windows 7 (as well as some other server installations). If you have Windows XP, you will have to upgrade, and it would probably be best to skip Vista and go straight to 7. Check if your computer can run Windows 7 or if you will need to upgrade your computer. Most likely, it would be possible to upgrade the computer, but it all comes down to how old it is, and if buying a new computer or laptop would be more practical. Think long-term – technology and the web will only continue to grow! It’s best to get the newest you possibly can for your budget so you won’t have to upgrade again too soon.

Download that new version. You’ll love it!

Now, maybe you don’t need a new computer or need to upgrade Windows. You may be running Windows Vista or 7, but don’t have the latest version of IE. I’m sure your computer would have asked you to update your browser – or maybe not. If it has, why haven’t you updated it yet?

There are many benefits to having the latest browser available to you. The newest versions of major browsers (IE, Google Chrome, etc) are starting to provide support for technologies that many websites, including this one, are starting to implement. If you have an old browser, you won’t be able to see any of these new features and will be missing out. And if your browser is really old (like IE6), your browsing experience may diminish and you’ll have trouble browsing parts of the web altogether. For example, Google is no longer supporting IE6 (since 2010) and certain products by them will no longer work properly. WordPress has also dropped support for IE6, and even gives a warning message in the Admin area when using an older browser such as IE7 or IE8.

You have choices!

Internet Explorer is not the only choice you have – there are many alternatives! The ones below are other major browsers used today, and they all support more of the newest technologies available on theweb than IE. You may have IE9 (or the latest version your machine can run), but you could still be missing out!

Google Chrome (My personal choice!)
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari

Or, at least download the latest version of Internet Explorer (or at least up to IE8 if still on XP!).

There ya have it.

So that is my take on internet browsers. I believe it’s important to keep up to date with the latest technologies. Computers don’t have to be updated all the time and many last for years, and can certainly be upgraded when required. Browsers on the other hand change more often. It’s pretty easy to update them (most do so automatically), and you won’t miss out on anything in your browsing experiences.

Your thoughts?

What’s your take on browsers and the web? Are you restricted by your computer or the wonders of the unknown? Leave your comments below!