I’m back! And Happy Holidays!


I think it has been sufficiently long enough between my last post and this one. Though, some of you may or may not know, I have been on an exchange in Australia for the past 4.5 months, so I think that is a good reason! I had an amazing experience in Australia. I met a lot of great people, and I saw a lot (even got to pop over to New Zealand for a week!), but there is just so much more to see. Australia is a massive country, and though I was there for 4.5 months, I was at uni. So, I did have school work to do, but I managed to see as much as I could, with good grades to boot! I will definitely be heading back at some point in the hopefully not-too-distant future. I know what I want to see still, and what I want to go back and see more of!

Now that I am back, I have some plans for my online portfolio coming up!

I am going to try to blog more frequently – I know I’ve said this before – and I know what my next post will be about, so watch for that coming soon! Also, I’m going to be doing a redesign. In January I start my final semester at Vancouver Island University, and I will be graduating in June. So, I think this is the perfect opportunity to do a redesign of my website before going out into the big wide world. I’ll begin working on it over the holidays, but I don’t plan to have it complete until closer to March/April, around there. There are features I like with my current design that I’ll keep and just tweak. Other things will have a more drastic or subtle change. I really don’t know yet, as I’m just in the brainstorming phase. But, that’s what’s coming up over the next 5 months or so!

That’s it for now, so… Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!