Semester Finished, Summer Is Here!


Ah, the end of the semester. It’s a relaxing feeling… sort of?

If you were following me on Twitter, you’ll know that the strike at VIU did happen, and it lasted a month. It started on March 10th, and we were back in class on April 12th, with a semester extension to April 29th without a formal exam period (actual class end date was April 11th followed by exams).

So that was a quick couple weeks to finish things up! All of my profs were really accommodating and flexible which was great. 🙂

I’m glad summer is here, I get to work more now and have some more free time, maybe. 😛 I’ve got one, maybe two, projects lined up right now. Speaking of projects – I added three to my portfolio! They’re all for the Media Studies department at VIU. Two of them were for my directed study (Digi 405) where I focused on WordPress theming. The other was a project I did in the Spring of 2010 as my first project working with PHP, and this semester I gave it a new look, and added some new stuff to it. Go check ’em out! 🙂

I’ve got other news that I mentioned in a previous post or two, that is confirmed for sure. My summer is a bit shorter than normal, as I’m leaving for Australia at the beginning of August on a semester abroad through the VIU Exchange Program. Pretty exciting! I’m gone for four months. I’m getting super excited and I just can’t wait to go. I am disappointed about missing out on being at VIU for the fall semester though. Unfortunately I can’t be the manager of the MRL while I’m away, but I’ve been assured that when I’m back in January for my final semester (whoa!) that there will be work for me. 🙂 And, this is an experience that I just cannot pass up for anything!

The project I mentioned a few posts ago (Dec.19th, 2010), that I worked on with a couple other students, is still in the works. Basically we did an overhaul of our department’s equipment booking website (whole new new design, added functionality through jQuery/Ajax, etc), and we were hoping to finish it up in January or February However, one of my partners, who was our MRL web lead for the Spring semester, wanted to update the PHP as it was coded back in 2005, which is pretty out-dated. So he basically worked on it himself as part of his work-op, as myself and our other parter were busy with our courses and other work. At this point, it’s not finished yet, but he got a ton of work done on it. If it’s not touched while I’m on my study abroad, I’d like to go back to it myself next January, and see if it can be completed by the end of that semester. But, that’s a ways off, so we’ll see what happens.

Anyways, that’s a quick update for y’all. I’m not good a blogging apparently, so if you want more frequent updates, it’s best to follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter. 🙂

Ciao for now!

Ps. I’m going to try to limit anything university-related on here and try to post about, I don’t know… web dev for once? If you want to see what I do in my university courses, then check out my university blog.