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Just… 12 weeks left?


I think it’s just 12 weeks left until the end of semester. No, no, I’m not counting down… 😛 (Seriously though, I’m not because I enjoy school, it’s just flying by so fast already!)

I’ve already got a load of work to do, and it’s quite overwhelming. I don’t know why this semester feels busier than last. I guess it’s just the courses I’m in. I’m enjoying all pretty well so far. I’m taking a video class (Digi 280), a class related to news (Medi 311), a game theory class (Medi 265), and I’m doing a directed study that I have yet to start as it hasn’t gone through, but for that I will be focusing on WordPress (Digi 405). On top of that I have three jobs (two school-related), so you can imagine how busy I am! But I enjoy every minute of it. 🙂

On another note, I have removed all my old blog posts – those actually came from my other blog that I use for school when I have to make weekly blog posts for classes. I will (or have by the time you might be reading this) add an icon in the footer to follow me on there if you like. I’m doing so because I want to share some of what I am doing in my educational career, but I think it’s a great way for anyone interested in the program I am in to see what exactly goes on in the classes. Sometimes course descriptions really don’t give you a full understanding of what will be covered in a course.

Anyways, this is a short one for now… lots of work to do! 😉